Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Cayo Outdoor Theatre Project

There are very limited forms of constructive entertainment available in the San Ignacio area, and the small number of after school activities and sports programmes that do exist only serve a fraction of the community. As a result, many people, especially youths, choose to engage in the only forms of entertainment that are readily available - most of which can be harmful to both the individuals and the community as a whole. This lack of positive outlets may lead to a multitude of community issues, ranging from teen pregnancy and alcoholism to suicide and gang violence, among others.

As a result, La Poderosa III initiated The Cayo Outdoor Theater Project - a free service that provides an artistic and intellectual form of entertainment for the San Ignacio area. Using International Cinema as a mechanism for the exploration of global cultural diversity, the project aims to promote a sense of local and global community and build awareness surrounding global social issues. In addition, the project seeks to engage community members in dialogues regarding some of the most pressing social issues in Belize, ultimately motivating individuals and groups to proactively address these issues and affect positive social change in the community.

Land of the God's

In mid July 2011, two local San Ignacio artists met to discuss ways to improve their community.  After a few hours and a few ice cold Belikins, they had a list so long they'd have projects to do for many years.  A week later, they reunited to narrow down the options.  They were joined by two other local artists and a representative from the National Institute of Culture and History [NICH].  The coalition decided upon a mural project that would aid to beautify the downtown area of San Ignacio, as well as inspire a sense of, much needed, Civic Pride and Patriotism.

In the month of August, 2011, an elaborate mural concept was developed by the four.  The Scotia Bank of San Ignacio grated permission to paint their front wall, on Burns Avenue, and NICH approved funding for the project.  The idea was to complete the mural before the start of the September Celebrations.  So, on 31st August and 1st September, the cohort of artists convened upon the San Ignacio/Santa Elena House of Culture to complete their blueprint and prepare for the "mounting" of their work of Art.

The mural's concept revolves around the transitioning from old to new.  It vibrantly depicts Belize's journey from colonialism to post independence, highlighting the diversity which is quintessential  of Belize's culture and environment.  It also depicts some of the major driving forces of progress, and stimulates the passerby to ponder what the future may hold for our tiny nation.

Moreover, the mural is a symbol of what is achievable through community.  It took four people with a common vision and the desire to be proactive, to positively affect their community.

If you or anyone you know is interested in participating or contributing to similar projects, please contact us at lapoderosabze@gmail.com

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The P.S.A. Project

        The Public Service Announcement Project... 
Advertising Brainwave Stimulation using Guerilla Art Methodology.
Available at your neighbourhood friendly wall!
Warning, may provoke paradigm shift...

Thursday, March 31, 2011

La Voz Latina de Belice

 On March 30th, 2011, the University of Belize held its fifth annual latin American Symposium, La Voz Latina de Belice.  Among the delegates and invited guests were Erwin "Guti" Contreras and José V. Guerra Awe of la Poderosa III.  
 Erwin performed  two original pieces.  His first piece was love themed "Mariposa," and the second was the socially charged piece "Las Vozes del Silencio." 
José paid hommage to his late great-uncle Jaime Malaquías Gálvez by performing one of his piece "Para Enamorar en el Año 2000," posthumous. He also performed one of his original pieces, a Neruda-esque piece entitled "Oda a la Lluvia."  Both young men were received very warmly and received high accolades from their fellow literary colleagues and the delegates present.  They were also recognized for their participation and their literary achievements by the University of Belize.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

R.A.P. Project

 The Random Acts of Poetry [R.A.P.] project... Addressing social issues with Poetry using Guerilla Art methodology.  Coming to a wall near you!